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Kick me when I'm down [30 Sep 2005|02:24pm]
[ mood | Bleek ]

Last night when I was walking to drama two guys tried to mug me.

I passed them, one of them pushed me on the road from behind, a car came, and they ran off. They wanted my jacket. I fell on a kerb. I'm brused all over my side, it hurts a lot.

Today there was a school mass, we got off early.

I hate my life at the moment, everything about me makes me sick. I'm fed up being me. I want to be older, I want to be out of school, I want to be close to someone, I want to be cool. Instead I'm just the werido with the fuzzy hair. I have no tallent. My pictures are crap, (haven't really tried but alas). My writing is shit. I am not anything special. I'm just another stupid whining teenager with nothing better to do then write bullshit in an online journal.

I feel like everything I do is an act.

I am not a person, I am a distorted reflection of nothing.

How dramatic.

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!SFA OK! [28 Sep 2005|11:25pm]
[ mood | FUCK YEAH ]


My God...

They rocked.

SFA at the Dublin Olympia was the best gig I've ever been to.

The doors opened at half 7, and thats when myself and Ciaran got there.We almost didn't get in the gig because they were checking out I.D. and we were ment to be 18, we are both 16, I charmed the evil bouncers into letting us in though, I pointed to my T-Shirt and told them I had came from London to see them, with my accent and the T-Shirt I couldn't fail. El Goodo came on at 8 and played for an hour, they were pretty fucking good.

SFA came on at about 9:15, by that time the place was packed, we were really near the front, we were like 12 feet from the stage. They came on with The International Language Of Screaming which was nice, then they went straight into Ohio Heat, Atomik Lust and Zoom!, well, thats how I remember it anyway...

The sound was great, everything they played sounded like it was from CD, it was amazing. They played Cloudberries, Receptacle For The Respectable, Run Christian Run, Ohio Heat, Something 4 The Weekend, The Horn, Lazer Beam, Juxtapozed With U, Ice Hockey Hair, Hello Sunshine, Frequency, Do Or Die and Calimero. I'm not sure what order in but, bah, it was amazing. They started playing Fire In My Heart, but then Gruff got fed up and shouted out he wanted to rock... I think thats when they did Do Or Die...

Twas so good... At one point 2 guys invaded the stage, one started stripping, the security didn't spot them for a while, but once they did it was a mass orgy of big hairy smelly men on the stage. Cheering ensued. Also one unlucky crowd surfer ended up falling down into the doom of his human sea. (Ewww... Human sea could be taken another way... Ewww).

When Slow Life and Man Don't Give A Fuck came on the place went crazy, I was in furry heaven. All the people that go to SFA gigs are fucking cool, fuzzy hair, interesting clothes, strange minds. I like it.  After the gig we were walking around the streets of Dublin chanting "SFA OK, SFA OK, SUPER FURRY ANIMALS, SFA OK", every now and then we could hear people shouting the same thing back, Dublin was coverd in Furries!

On the bus Ciaran and I were rather SFA OK...


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Pictures! [26 Sep 2005|06:38pm]
I captured these from Super Furry Animal videos...

They make great desktop backgrounds!


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Work Work Work (Pub Club Sleep) [26 Sep 2005|04:11pm]
[ mood | Female Of The Speciesish ]

I Went into Dublin to watch a film with Mary, except the traffic was
mad so we were too late to see the film. While I was waiting for Mary
there were these cool buskers with this strange box type drum...
Anyway, while they played this crazy drunk tramp started trying to do
sexy dances for members of the public. It was uber. The guy was doing
all these pelvic moves to Wild Thing. He needs to have his own TV show,
it might get me watching TV again...

Anyway, so myself and Mary went to a little pub and we got drunken! I
had loads of fun, Mary is kick ass. She took a picture of me on her
phone and sent it to my e-mail...

My hair is taking over...

Mary stole my glasses...

I haven't had a good night out in a long while *Bar the SFA gig*. Mary, you fucking rule. <3


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Eh, I Think I'm In London? [25 Sep 2005|03:50pm]


Hmmm, This looks a little like London...

Yep, thats London. With my exploding neck. Ewww.

I arrived on thursday at 7am, after a hellish 12 hour long coach/ferry trip. I was very tired and had to walk 30 mins from Victoria to home. I was greeted by my uncle was was late for work and Higgins! The plan was simple. Get to London, go to uncle, find Amy, Michelle and Matt. See SFA. Fuck going home thats not important.

So, after some much needed sleep during the day the night came, the doors to the gig opened at 7. Declan thought they opened at half 7... Grrr. So we wasted the first hour of the gig in a pub, seeing one of Declands friends. I missed El Goodo and GLC due to this drinking exercise. I got to see the GLC perform Your Mothers Got A Penis, which is all I wanted to see anyway, but it was a bit annoying missing the start of the gig. They are crap though...

Anyway, SFA came one and played a fucking great gig. Their entrance and exit was on a golf cart. They played a great Receptacle For The Respectable and an amazing Ohio Heat. They did Motherfokker with Goldie Lookin Chain too. Slow Life and Man Don't Give A Fuck were fantastic as always. Oooo, and Run Christian Run was fan fucking tastic...

At the start of the gig we were at the back, so we went to get upto the front, my uncle was rather pissed and he ended up hitting a guy in the nose by accident. The guy didn't like it atall, and then Declan made it worse by putting his arm around the guy and telling him that it was a gig and to have some fun. Ha... After a few songs I had had enough of Declans drunken antics so I pissed off to the very front, where much jumping and moshing ensued. I got head butted in the chin, damn small fuckers, and because I was singing I bit my tounge! Also, before the gig I was climbing a tree, and i decided to dig my nails into the wood because I'm a retard, and my thumb was killing me. Though the music took my mind off the pain.

More pictures!
Heres myself and Amy after the gig, bad lighting!

And heres Dec and Amy... Declan was drunk, but he looks like a nutcase anyway... It runs in the family...

Amy's Clockwork Orange T-shirt rocks my socks. I'ma get one...

Oh, I also got the DVD of Rings Around The World, and I got Phantom Phorce. ^_^ Remix me up baby.

Nobody will understand what this post was about appart from Diva.


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He's Back! [25 Sep 2005|09:55am]
[ mood | FURRY ]


I iz back!

What a trip... I think I had the most Super Furry week ever, and it's so Super Furry it's going to continue until tuesday when I see them AGAIN! Yahoo! *dances*

I'll do a real update later, I only just got back.

My god, SFA fucking rule. Brixtan Academy fucking rules!

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I'm Leaving For London [21 Sep 2005|12:21am]
[ mood | Sugar-Coated ]

"Checking my reflection in the whites of your eyes..."

K, well, bed for me now, then school in the morning, :( Then London! :)

I'll be back sunday.

Still wana go to the IFI Mary?


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Early One Morning... [20 Sep 2005|08:47am]
[ mood | Hot Diggdy Dog! ]

I woke up, LATE! Rushed to get ready. My eyes were red, my hair was all cure like, I ran, tripped, ran some more, then realised THAT I HAVE A LATE START TO SCHOOL TODAY >_< GAHHHHHHHHHH.

All that work for nothing. Well I suspose it amused the girls on their way to the girls school to see a wild nutcase running in a panic. I looked like terminator, red eyes, on a mission, the only difference is I'm not a stupid republican/ I'm not built to the spec of a futeristic machiene... yet.

So, anyway, I came home after my panic. And I've been listening to music. I am inlove with PJ Harvey, her music is amazing. PJ Harvey - One Line, "Do you remember the first kiss..." The first line of the song makes me tingle.

Now for something, completely different... I'm only in school for one biology lession, then I get to go to an art exibition with my 7 pupil strong art class, (nobody in my school does art because the teacher is crap). Should be fun, anything that gets me off school is. Ooo, and yesturday I aced a French test, and I got 71% in a geography test I didn't know was on. So go me.

I only really have wednesday and then its LONDON FOR ME! Supeeeeeeeer Furrrrry Animalsssssssssssss! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.


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Desktop Tagith [18 Sep 2005|02:30am]
[ mood | The Cure (Gothic) ]

Rora tagged me...
Go to your desktop, press 'Print Screen', paste in an art program, save. Upload to a image hosting site... share your desktop, then tag others...

My Messy DesktopCollapse )

1. Screamingvenus
Tashie Franz
5. _Pasolini_
6. Irish_'Genius'
7. Ciarasimpson
8. Dilvalicious
9. Dearg86

(I just coppied my last tag list)

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This Mess We're In... [17 Sep 2005|10:26pm]
[ mood | Dieing ]

Today I went into Dublin and saw a film in the IFI with Aoife. I also booked up coach tickets to London for Wednesday. On the way back I saw many people I know...

I'm a little fucked up today. I feel really ill and I'm thinking too much. I got sick last night. I was ment to go into Dublin at 11ish, I ended up sleeping untill about half 1 though. I feel like jumping out of my window and ending this torment. My head wants to explode, it's a ball of fucked up emotions. I feel like I'm loosing control over my life. I don't know what to do, who to see, where to go. I just end up doing things. Before I came home I was randomly invited to a party in a place called Finglas. I really wanted to go as I might have ended up forgetting myself for a while. Alas I wouldn't have been able to get home if I went. I'm fed up of being sensible, I should have just went, fuck it you know?

My life is so shit right now. I go out, meet up with generic person number 5, do some activity, return home. I feel cold inside, like something has died. I think what's died is my lack of interest in relationships. After trying to get close to people to fill some empty gap in myself, and failing at every attempt I think I've given up. I'm not interested in anybody or anything right now. All I want is to feel close to someone but I can't deal with the hurt involved.

I know that by tomorrow my feelings will have flipped over and I'll be in a different mood, such is the nature of me. Just, this depression always returns. I want it to stop. I want to be free.

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The Magical Story Of London (The Lost Photos) [17 Sep 2005|12:39am]
At Christmas I went to London, I took loads of photos but I never put em up... So, here they are. I have short hair in them YUCK!

So anyway, there I was, just standing around in the middle of the night when all of a sudden...


The story continues...Collapse )
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[16 Sep 2005|08:19pm]
[ mood | Pencing ]

10 things you SHOULD already know about me.

1. My name is Vinchenzo.

2. I love The Super Furry Animals.

3. I have have a new baby sister.

4. People think I'm crazy.

5. I love music.

6. I was born in London.

7. I now live in Ireland.

8. I love photography.

9. My eyes are green.

10. I suck.

10 things you might have not known.

1. I grew up with my Nanny, my mum and my great uncle Johnny. When I was 6 Johnny, (who was a skitzofrenic due to the second world war) died. When I was 12, my Nanny, who was like a parent to me died from cancer.

2. My first secondary school in London was hellish, if I had stayed there I would have killed myself.

3. I have been to a total of 3 secondary schools. After the evil London one I moved to Ireland where I started school in a place called Clondalkin, that was a rough school but nothing compared to London, though at one point someone launched a firework at me, I had to jump to avoid it hitting my legs. I built up a defence against all the nutcases in that school, I became extremly weird and started to make everybody laugh by doing weird things. Then I moved to Celbridge and kept the strangeness. So far this school is alright... Thoguh I'd hate any school.

4. I love fire. Flames facinate me.

5. In primary school I was known as The Scientist/ Curry Boy. In Nursery school I was known as The Vampire due to having all my top front teeth removed because of too many Ribiena drinks. I looked cool with my k-9's showing...

6. I have a few pairs of socks that I still wear that are about 9 years old. When I first wore them they nearly went upto my knees, now they are like normal socks.

7. My moods change too much and too fast. One minute I can be really happy, the next I can be really,  really depressed.

8. I find the fact I am alive very strange, the whole idea of life, the planet, the universe, time, its crazy...

9. I really like scientific theorys about space, and most things science related.

10. I hate fizzy drinks. I am known for only drinking water.


Tashie Franz
5. _Pasolini_
6. Irish_'Genius'
7. Ciarasimpson

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Just stone [14 Sep 2005|12:37am]
Jack Kerouac - Bowery Blues

The story of man
Makes me sick
Inside, outside,
I don't know why
Something so conditional
And all talk
Should hurt me so.

I am hurt
I am scared
I want to live
I want to die
I don't know
Where to turn
In the Void
And when
To cut

For no Church told me
No Guru holds me
No advice
Just stone
Of New York
And on the cafeteria
We hear
The saxophone
O dead Ruby
Died of Shot
In Thirty Two,
Sounding like old times
And de bombed
Empty decapitated
Murder by the clock.

And I see Shadows
Dancing into Doom
In love, holding
TIght the lovely asses
Of the little girls
In love with sex
Showing themselves
In white undergarments
At elevated windows
Hoping for the Worst.

I can't take it
If I can't hold
My little behind
To me in my room

Then it's goodbye
For me
Girls aren't as good
As they look
And Samadhi
Is better
Than you think
When it starts in
Hitting your head
In with Buzz
Of glittergold
Heaven's Angels


We've been waiting for you
Since Morning, Jack
Why were you so long
Dallying in the sooty room?
This transcendental Brilliance
Is the better part
(of Nothingness
I sing)

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My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye : ) [12 Sep 2005|02:20pm]
[ mood | Sheila Take A Bow ]

Its strange how some feelings come and go... Sometimes when I think back I remember the way I felt at certain times, and for a second I can recapture the good feelings.

Today I decided after lunch I would skip school and go home, so I have! The sun is out, the sky is blue and I feel the exact feeling I had before the summer where I ran out of an eye hospital appointment to meet up with Sandra.

It's like, I know I shouldn't have ran out of school, but my god, am I glad.

Its good I'm home early anyway, tonight I'm going into Dublin to meet up with Karl and we are going to see a gig. So here I sit, moving around to the Smiths smiling. I feel like its the start of the summer.

The post last night was a bit strange, I was going a little crazy because of lack of sleep and I've been very stressed recently due to friends and, friends of friends, and random people, and infact anybdoy I've been in contact with.

I saw a film with Jo last night, Rock School, it was a documentary on this guy, Paul Green and his school that teaches rock music to kids. It was very strange, really funny, rather boring and completely my style. There were classic moments in it such as telling the kids, well shouting at them to worship 'Satan the lord of rock'. There was this kid whos first sentance in the film went something like this... "Hi, my names Mike, I was a saserian birth because my head was too big and my umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck, I think it caused brain damage, I have tried to kill myself 4 times..." Oh joy, Jo and I laughed quite a bit.

Oh, things went ok in the youth club Friday night with Lindsey, or, at least I think they went ok, we didn't really speak to each other but we wern't being horrible.

Tara's on my bed falling asleep now, shes really cute... I think she likes 'Morrissey - Mexico', because as soon as I put it on she closed her eyes. Why can't all the girls in my life be as nice as little Tara?

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I AM A GAY! [12 Sep 2005|02:18pm]
[ mood | SUITS YOU SIR! ]

You are Dafydd!
You scored 68 selfishness and 70 stupidity!
The only gay in the village...or so you claim, when the truth of it is, you're too scared to get a shafty up the poohole!

You have a fetish for outlandish fashion, and love your bacardi and cokes.

it goes nicely with your copy of Gay Times.

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 99% on selfishness
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 99% on stupidity
Link: The Little Britain Character Test written by dilvalicious on OkCupid Free Online Dating
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"Let's never come here again cause it would never be as much fun" [10 Sep 2005|02:00am]
[ mood | Lost, In Translation ]

I got back from the youth club and watched Lost In Translation again. This time I took some screen shots...


...I want the pink hair...

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Green [06 Sep 2005|08:07pm]

First I made it black and white... then I used the history brush and made my eyes normal again... I love Photoshop. ^_^
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Fuck The Army... [06 Sep 2005|05:48pm]
Darwin Award: Surprise Attack Surprise -- CONFIRMED

3 January 2005, St. Maurice, Switzerland

It was the first week of a weapons refresher course, and Swiss Army Grenadier Detachment 20/5 had just finished training with live ammo. The shooting instructor ordered the soldiers to secure their weapons for a break.
The 24-year-old second lieutenant, in charge of this detachment, decided this would be a good time to demonstrate a knife attack on a soldier. Wielding his bayonet, he leaped toward one of his men, achieving complete surprise.

But earlier that week, the soldiers had been drilled to release the safety catch and ready their guns for firing in the shortest possible time. The surprised soldier, seeing his lieutenant leaping toward him with a knife, snapped off a shot to protect himself from the attack.

The lesson could not have been more successful: the soldier had saved himself and protected the rest of the detachment from a surprise attack.

The lieutenant might have wished to commend his soldier on his quick action and accurate marksmanship. Unfortunately, he had been killed with one shot.

That made me smile...
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Yesterday... [04 Sep 2005|01:36pm]
[ mood | Very Sleepy! ]

Yesterday I went into dublin at about 4ish. I was ment to be meeting up with Jo, Fab and some welsh guys they know from MY Space at about 6...

For the first hour I went crazy spending money, I went into dublin with 110 euro, came back with... 2? I got these cool dark brown cord trouser things, normally I dont like the feel of such things but these trousers look too cool. That cost me 50 euro... The rest of the money went on MUSIC! YAY!

The Dandy Warhols - Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia,
PJ Harvey - Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea,
The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots,
Beck - Mellow Gold

-I speak about the Super Furry Animals way too much...

Anyway, so after my spending spree I called Fab, she told me she didn't know anything about meeting up! (I was speaking to Jo for the whole week). So I walked around looking for people... After about half an hour Jo texted and said she was on her way. I saw Fab then with one of her friends so we started talking.

Fab's friend was going around taking pictures of Dublin, I mentioned I was into photography (wish I didn't now) so they made me take all the pictures for them... We met up with some other friend of theirs and we ended up in a Chinese restaurant fighting over the words to 'Babylon Zoo - Spaceman'. I was right ^_^

At some point Jo came over and we left the place in search of adventure. We didn't find it. We ended up back in Temple Bar doing nothing. I was rather extremely bored so I left!

When I was on the bus going home Jo texted me saying sorry that it was so shit and that we will have to do something cool another time. Hmmm...

Today my mother woke me up by putting Tara on my pillow next to me. Twas nice.

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More Furryness [04 Sep 2005|12:27am]
[ mood | Fuzzy ]

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